Roadmap for upcoming improvements

This is a roadmap for ApiOpenStudio.

Alpha release

Released and available on Packagist (tag: alpha2)

This part of the roadmap is a solid release and working. It is being labelled as an alpha release, because there are definitely quite a few additions that need to be made before we are happy that this is really set for rock ‘n’ rolling … see “Beta release”.

This is available at

  • Solid core:
    • Reworked parsing of the node tree
    • Unified data container for passing between processors
    • Self-documenting processors
    • Ease of use
    • Granular permissions for users
    • Resources to follow the REST guidelines
    • Resource authentication for security
    • Multiple output formats
  • Server logging
  • Admin area to administer:
    • Resources
    • Users
    • Permissions
    • Roles
    • User invites
  • ApiOpenStudio available as an open source project
  • Automated CI pipeline
  • Ease of installation
  • Wiki
  • PHPDoc
  • Website
  • Separate the admin code from the main codebase
  • Core versioning and automated local updates hook on version update
  • Deprecate .env and use only settings.yml
  • Remove all function terminology from ApiOpenStudio and Admin, so that only processors are referred to

Beta release (4-6 months) – in development

  • Rewrite the admin code using Vue.
  • Live display of errors in resource editor for developers.
  • Fragments/Group processor
  • File output processor
    • Account for large file objects
    • Option to store on a remote server or as an attachment
    • Allow standard output to be a file
  • Email processor
  • Add groups for user permissions

v1.0 release (2 months later)

  • Add a GUI for visually creating resources with drag ‘n’ drop
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