Most recent release (1.0.0-beta4)


  • #210 – Fix the bin/aos-install script occasionally failing on JWT creation.







Docker: docker image pull naala89/apiopenstudio:1.0.0-beta4

Composer: composer create-project apiopenstudio/apiopenstudio

GitLab: git clone –depth 1 –branch 1.0.0-beta4

GitHub: git clone –depth 1 –branch 1.0.0-beta4

Previous releases


  • Create an example settings file for the new docker.
  • Update ci.settings file for testing.
  • Fixes on testing_app OpenAPI schema.
  • Update User DB classes for nullable values.
  • Fix setting permissions on JWT keys sometimes happening before the file has been created.


  • Critical fix to allow the install script to overwrite existing JWT key/pairs. This is for the production docker.



  • Fragments processor
  • Caching for Redis
  • Email and remote output
  • Plugin and 3rd party processor handling through the GUI and CLI


  • Wholesale changes in the wiki
  • Changed the token auth to JWT tokens.
  • Moved code of conduct into
  • Updated gitlab-ci:
    • Updated gitlab-ci the use the new `naala89/bookdown-rsync`, `naala89/phpdoc-rsync` & `naala89/apiopenstudio-nginx-php-7.4` images.
    • Fixed gitlab runner artifacts.
    • Tests run on all merge requests and deploy to wiki/phpdoc on merges.
    • Updated gitlab-ci the use the new `naala89/bookdown-rsync`, `naala89/phpdoc-rsync` & `naala89/apiopenstudio-nginx-php-7.4` images.
  • Deprecated Cascade logger and created a wrapper for Monolog.
  • Wiki, Removed `bookdown/bookdown` from the composer dev dependencies.
  • Deprecated the Mapper processors.
  • Created new JsonPath and XmlPath processors.
  • Added functional tests for user and role.
  • Created new traits for datatype conversion.
  • Implemented casting on all input vars like VarPost.
  • Create/update CRUD processors now return the value result, rather than true/false.


  • Added support for alpha/beta/RC release tags to the update script.
  • Replaced all references to ‘function’ with ‘processor’, to remove all ambiguity.
  • Updated the docblock in all files to point to the correct copyright entity.
  • Finalised the Public license.
  • Updated the contributing notes.
  • Misc. devops and pipelines fixes.


  • Fixed release issue where core version was not updated in DB definitions.


  • Separated the admin code from the API.
  • Added user logout processor.
  • Restructured the wiki pages.
  • Unit tests running automatically on the CI.
  • Create the bash DB install script for the headless API.
  • Loomed the CI runner DB script to use the same scripts.
  • Added core version.
  • Added the implementation for DB updates if need be.
  • Created the update script.
  • Consolidated settings.yml and .env.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Docker used
  • Decoupled admin from the DB (API abstraction call only)
  • Implemented with GitLab CI runner
  • Wiki created
  • phpdoc implemented
  • Core totally rewritten again
  • All processors for core crud implemented
  • Admin interface implemented
  • Changed to use Monolog for logging
  • Changed to use Cascade for settings
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