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T BT B asked 3 years ago

Hey guys, I am mainly a designer but I am looking to use this for client websites…Is there a way that I can manage the access that individual Users get to the APIs?Also, can I send out User details in bulk?

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JohnJohn Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi TB,
first of all, welcome. that’s a great question!

Absolutely, out of the box, you have full granular control over access to all of your resources. You can define who can create/edit/delete resources, as well as consume them.

There is a role (Consumer) that allows you to add permission for a user to any application and its resources.
You can easily extend this further by adding a new role, you perhaps you want to apply to a subset of resources for an application.

We’re don’t have a way of Bulk importing users and our user roles. However, this is on the roadmap for the 1.0.0 release.

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