Can ApiOpenStudio manage accounts for Digital Agency clients?

Questions & AnswersCategory: AdminCan ApiOpenStudio manage accounts for Digital Agency clients?
Matt GreallyMatt Greally Staff asked 3 years ago
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JohnJohn Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Matt, Welcome to the community!
Yes it does. ApiOpenStudio allows you to create accounts, applications and resources (API endpoints). An account can have many applications, and an application can have many resources. This allows you to organise everything in a hierarchical way, similar to internal departments or clients and their applications.
For example: I have two clients with multiple projects:

  • Acme
    • Project 1: Acme website
    • Project 2: Acme mobile application
  • Foobar
    • Project 1: Foobar reporting portal

So create 2 accounts: “Acme” & “Foobar”.
Create 2 applications that belong to “Acme”: “Website” & “Mobile app”.
Create 1 more application that belongs to “Foobar”: “Reporting portal”.
You can then create as many resources as you like , with each resource assigned to the correct application.

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