The new ApiOpenStudio Admin Interface

It’s time to reveal the ongoing work with the new ApiOpenStudio Admin interface, written in VueJS:

We are about halfway there now, with the following completed:

  • Routing
  • Templates for different page layouts
  • Resource development page
    • Drag ‘n’ Drop interface
    • Lists of processors (nodes) in the system
    • JSON view
    • YAML view
    • Ability to switch between the views with data loss
    • Import/Export resources locally
    • Processor info slideout drawer
    • Ability to enter input constants
    • Centre and zoom the view on the existing design
    • Re-order the nodes in the GUI
  • Applications page
  • Notifications modal
  • Home page
  • Unit testing (Vite)
  • E2E and Component testing (Cypress)
  • Styleguide (yarn styleguide)
  • Jdoc (yarn jdoc)
  • Theming
  • Light/Dark mode

The develop branch on ApiOpenStudio core has been updated to include a refresh token. This extends the JWT functionality, so that when the existing login token expires, the user does not need to log in again (unless they have been away for over 1 week).

The next phases includes:

  • Adding unit tests for the conversion between Drag ‘n’ Drop data to JSON/YAML
  • Login & token refresh functionality
  • Replacing stub data with real API calls from an ApiOpenStudio core instance
  • Account page
  • Tidying up the styling
  • Other pages:
    • Modules
    • Resources
    • Variables
    • Users
    • Roles

Why not take a look at the project:

Looking for UX/UI designers

In the next phase of development, we’re looking to totally rebuild the ApiOpenStudio admin interface.

The existing admin GUI was only intended as an MVP for the alpha and beta releases. It is functional and works, but it was designed by developers – so it reflects the code and data structure, not the workflow of admin and power users.

For instance:

  • Admins should be able to easily see the roles assigned to users on the user listing page.
  • It should be possible to set activate/disable users on the user listing page, as well as edit their roles on the above page.
  • Admins should be able to bulk import users, etc.
  • There is probably a better way of presenting the account/application/resource relationships.
  • The resource create/edit page needs improving, as well as implementing the planned drag ‘n’ drop GUI.
  • The colour palette needs some attention and thought.

We’re planning on rewriting the admin interface as a single page app, so there are no real limitations for the UX and design.

If you want to get involved in a really cool, innovative. open-source, low-code API development project that will be getting some high visibility in the very near future, please get in contact with us using the contact us form on the home page, or email us directly at

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