Low code trends and the new workflow management

The recent flood of articles discussing the way that Low-Code is changing the landscape of development have 2 key elements: Low-Code is now clearly emerging as one of those enormous waves in tech, that will change the way that things are done across business and IT development moving forward. For both tech companies and non-tech…

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Major change to the ApiOpenStudio repository location

In order to implement pipelines and docker, with automated builds of docker images, the ApiOpenStudio projects have all been added to a new ApiOpenStudio group in GitLab. This will enable GitLab pipelines to orchestrate pipelines across all of the projects as code is pushed and merged. There was a dependency on this for upcoming tickets…

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Joining the API economy

We’ve all heard about the API economy and the extra revenue it can provide while increasing the network and visibility of the business. We will be discussing the processes and advice for how you would actually join the API economy.

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Product name change

We have product name change from funky/cool GaterData to ApiOpenStudio. We feel that although it’s not quite as cool, it actually says what we do! This will help people discover us and increase the community base. This comes with a great new logo: Designed by Tim Bywater You did a fantastic job, many thanks Tim!…

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