About us

We completed over 3 years of development and over a thousand hours of coding for the first release. 

In 2017, after 10 years of building APIs and researching this growing market. We (ApiOpenStudio) defined a feature set that we feel, clearly fulfilled un-meet needs in the space.

However as we researched it, it became clear that though Rapid Application Development Platform like this, would be successful. A more extensive feature set, would get to the “Tipping Point”, that would make it truly compelling for both digital agencies and stand alone businesses to use the first release.

Extensive First Release

After the initial business assessment & feedback, we knew we had a product the world could use.

However It became clear to us, that though the tools would be much needed. The real problem that people wanted solved, was to enable both low cost API production with time saving management tools built in. Also these should be fully featured with granular permissions. Including tools for Digital Agencies to manage 3rd party clients, and for large companies that require many users of their APIs.

So we committed to much bigger than normal 1st release. So that those who adopted early would realise  serious value, earlier that the usual MVPs that had  just escaped the lab.

This product would enable APIs to be built with just basic YAML or JSON skills and then administered at the lowest cost. With granular permissions in a graphic interface, & extra features so  agencies  could use it as well, to  resell their APIs.

Pre History

The progenitor version of ApiOpenStudio, that the fully commercialised productised version was developed from, has been running at Swellnet for over 5 years.

Swellnet is a Worldwide live surf report and weather prediction site. So its handling of data feeds, weighting and combining them, is the core of its service to its customers. As this is how they derive their industry leading information.

Swellnet has an in-house customised version of ApiOpenStudio, that allows them to maintain, integrate and manipulate a huge range of data inputs (Such as taking multiple data sources and creating a result feed, based on data rules, mathematical calculations and business rules). That they use to create their unique information services.

ApiOpenStudios team consists of:

John Avery: Chief Developer & Founder; Ex Yahoo, Swellnet, Wolter Kluwer

Matthew Lewis-Greally: Business Management, Sales, Marketing; Ex NetSuite, Zuora, BigCommerce

And they really want to you make money from their product !!!

Read more about us at /business or /developer

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