We need 6 devs for a focus group on how to best give equity to developers

Focus Group

We are looking to build a unique new business model to expand our integration based business (iPaaS).

We already provide a state of the art Low-Code/No-Code API development tool, that allows fast modular development and maintenance of APIs, and we want to expand its scope into an integration platform.

This involves giving equity to developers who build & maintain productised integrations, stub data or resource templates, which will then be made available in our library to our customers.

ApiOpenStudio has been existence for 5 years, so this is not a start up idea. It is a progression for a company and we are able to do this because we still own all of the equity in the company.

So we need to sit down with as many as possible to get full and frank feedback. Beer and pizza from us will be on hand after the session, to show our appreciation of the value of your feedback.

If you want to get involved, we would love to hear from you, please see the details on https://www.apiopenstudio.com/contact-us/


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