Alpha release is nearly there!

we are nearly there

Alpha release is so close we can touch it! We are getting very excited about this now!

This is the final countdown, with only a couple of weeks left:

  • This site is nearing completion
  • The ApiOpenStudio has gone through a major refactor after the pre-release branding change.
  • We have about 90% of my Functional tests reviewed and working.
  • Domains and servers are setup and working nicely
  • The wiki has been worked into and worked into and is looking nice
  • The PHPDoc is performing nicely
  • GitLab pipelines is now pretty much working as we want it to:
    • Linting on all merges and PR’s
    • Compiling and deploying the wiki to dev and prod
    • Compiling and deploying the PHPDoc to dev and prod
  • The GitHub mirror has been set up

I’m disappointed that I’ve so far been unsuccessful in integrating the Codeception tests with GitLab CI. I really wanted that ready for the initial release. However, since this is Beta release, I’ll aim to get that ready before the Alpha release.

See /roadmap for more details of the ongoing work.

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