Build and manage APIs faster & for less

ApiOpenStudio is comprehensive, pluggable and Open Source. Allowing fast creation of secure REST APIs with full logic and granular access management.

Api Open Studio allows you to quickly create and manage APIs, using low-code. As a result, you can save important time and money by dedicating your resources on other tasks, while at the same time developing and maintaining complex data computations.

ApiOpenStudio will save time & money on the first project that you use it! Full business logic is integral in each API resource, the resources can deliver the exact data that your consumer requires, without having to manually code in a framework.

There is a dashboard, this allows you to create and control all resources, users, user-roles, user/role access, and all in a granular way.

Next on our Roadmap is a GUI to allow you to create your API’s with a simple drag ‘n’ drop interface.

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Ben Matson (CEO)

We utilised the first version of API Open Studio, for our complex requirements of surf and weather information. This allowed for a more rapid and cost effective deployment.

ApiOpenStudio for businesses

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Api Open Studio for developers

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Api Open Studio is like a Swiss Army Knife for developing & managing APIs

ApiOpenStudio penknife

Admin interface

  • easy to install
  • accounts
  • applications
  • user
  • resources
  • roles
Decoupled architecture
Easy to create API resources
Granular administration
granular access
Complete control
over resources access
Invite users
Multiple roles
per user
editor to
Secure access to resources
Long term storage
of variables
Implement low-code logic
without programming
Import/export resources
Import OpenApi files
Interface with external APIs

Build & manage API’s at less cost

Api Open Studio
Open Source


Free to setup
Free for your Business to use
Free for Agencies to use for their clients
Granular Admin
Dashboard Control
Features to manage APIs you resell

Api Open Studio
Coming soon


Free setup
All plugins and core pre-tested and stable from the OS version
Premium support
Visual designer
Ready-to-use integrations
Pre made Workflows

What is Api Open Studio?

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